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Feedback from training events

  • "Excellent speaker, very good sense of humour! Thank you!"
  • "Very clear, to the point presentation. Many possibilities to use the model with different clients. Excellent style during presentation! Thank you!"
  • "In spite of the fact that I was not interested at all at the beginning, I became very intrigued by this presentation."
  • "Very interesting, brief, complete and keeps you actively involved."
  • "Brings a new way of understanding the work environment and identifying stressors."
  • "Good job! Very enriching experience."
  • "Very informative training that gives me the tools to improve my interventions with clients."
  • "I admire her positive approach. It made me feel very good."

For businesses and the public sector

Training on Work Psychology

Training, lectures and presentations on Work and Organisational Psychology

  • How to align organisational performance and employees’ well-being
  • Mental health at the work place 
  • Stress and well-being at the work place
  • Psychological harassment
  • How to facilitate the return to work following mental health issues
  • Solution focused meetings
  • How to motivate your staff or people in your charge
  • How to ensure a healthy work environment

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