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Psychotherapy for individuals and couples

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the therapy like?

You and I together determine the therapy objectives. You determine the number of sessions and how often you would like to meet depending on your needs. We then regularly follow-up on progress towards your therapy objectives. At the end of each session, you evaluate the quality of our therapeutic relationship to optimize its effectiveness.

How long will the therapy continue?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors: your needs, the complexity of your problems, your personal resources, and the quality of our therapeutic relationship. Some of my clients decided that they had achieved their objectives in only two, three or four sessions . Others have opted to have a larger number of sessions to achieve their goals (i.e. ten or more sessions). I evaluate on a regular basis the client’s well-being and the quality of our therapeutic relationship. This practice, according to the literature, can significantly improve the therapeutic outcomes.

How do you deal with confidentiality issues?

I am obligated to keep the therapy confidential. I cannot release any information to a third party without written authorisation from the client, or verbal authorization, in cases of emergency. The only exception to this level of confidentiality is determined by Article 18 of the Code of Ethics: “Psychologists may communicate information protected by professional secrecy to prevent an act of violence, including a suicide, where they have reasonable cause to believe that there is an imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury to a person or an identifiable group of persons.”

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