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Psychotherapy for individuals and couples



$140 per 55-60 minute session.

Accepted methods of payment

Cheques or cash

Cancellation policy

A 24 hour notice is required to cancel any scheduled appointment. If you do not notify or appear for your scheduled appointment, you will be held responsible for the whole session fee.

Insurance companies

You must verify with your health insurance company if they require a medical referral before the initiation of therapy. If so, you must obtain a medical referral before our first session. If the medical referral is not required, you can proceed directly with the first session. The reimbursement of therapy expenses is based on the procedures established by your insurance company.

Tax deductions

Psychotherapy expenses are part of the medical expenses you can deduct on your income taxes. You can deduct the portion that is not covered by your insurance (typically 10 or 20 %), or the entire amount if you do not have an insurance coverage.

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