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When do I need therapy?

Point d'interrogationWhen I do not recognize myself anymore.
When something is wrong with me and I cannot find what is causing it (fatigue, irritability, heightened emotional responses, conflicts).

When I am not happy in my relationship and would like to improve it.
Problems related to difficulties in a relationship, separation, divorce, love life, jealousy, manipulation, violence, dependency

When I am not happy at my work place.
Stress management, career development, burnout, chronic stressors, adaptation to a new work environment, harassment, violence, well-being

When something is changing in my life.
Loss of a loved one, loneliness, crises, loss of employment, problems with children

When my physician has diagnosed me with one of the following:
depression, anxiety disorder, phobia, panic disorder, generalised anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, personality disorder.

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